Pleasant Street Furniture and Antiques
Pleasant Street Furniture and Antiques

"We were very impressed with the variety of furniture and accessories that Pleasant Street Used Furniture had to offer. The prices were comparable and some below what we expected! Keep up the great prices and excellent variety!"  Anonymous, From



Comments heard in the shop:


"We have purchased several items here and will be back." Thomas, Goshen, NH


"We came in looking for a specific item and left with something completely different but wanted." Cathy, Goshen, NH


"I'm so glad we found this place.  I love it!"  Pat, Newbury, NH


"Great place, reasonable prices, great display."  Carol, Claremont, NH


"Your prices are very reasonable.  Claremont needed a place like this."  Alice, Newport, NH


"You have turned this store into something great for Claremont."  Carol


"I like the way you have the store set up."  David


"I didn't realize how big the shop was.  Prices are great, really reasonable."  Patty, Claremont, NH


"Real classy shop."  Bob, Springfield, VT


"I am glad this store opened as an antique shop again."  GG


"Where is the used furniture?  Everything in here looks as good as new!"  Linda, Hanover, NH



Website visitor:


"Great shop with reasonable prices for dealers, collectors and the general public
alike. I will highly recommend your place to everyone and look forward to visiting it often."