Pleasant Street Furniture and Antiques
Pleasant Street Furniture and Antiques

What We Offer

We offer a large selection of quality used furniture at very affordable prices.  We try to update the website as we get in new items and other items sell, so check back often.  Availability is not guaranteed as items sell quickly.  The pictures shown may not be representative of the exact color of the piece, therefore we suggest you come in and see it for yourself. 



We have too many items to list in our photo gallery and with our inventory changing daily, we recommend that you stop by and take a look at what we have.


Please take into consideration that the specific item you are looking for may not be just a kitchen or bedroom piece, but something you will find in the living room section.  So, look at each and every section.  There might be something elsewhere that will fit your need.  For instance, an entertainment cabinet (living room section) may be converted into a food pantry (kitchen) by adding a few shelves.  Be creative and good hunting!

Entertainment Cabinet before.....

Food Pantry after!!!